Everything you need to make a good hire. With Jane, you get an experienced hiring specialist who stewards over all your hiring needs and keeps you up to date through our intelligent software.

HireZoom.com (now JaneHires.com) originally started as a mountain of market research and well defined product features. Using our unique joint application development methodology, we worked closely with the executive team to refine and hone the vision for the system they wanted to build. Starting with a design-first approach, we together crafted the innovative HireZoom system and the process which serves as the foundation for JaneHires.com. Built from the ground up, and built to last.

Dave Reiss

CEO and Co-founder at JaneHires.com

"There are two critical things that CEO's want from their Head of Software Development, predictability regarding the quality of the software products that are produced and predictability regarding the production schedule. Two things that have often been elusive for us to achieve until we had Rob run software development for our new business HireZoom.com. In addition to Rob performing for us on this level, he is the most technically knowledgable engineer and software architect that we have experienced in our 30 years of being in the software industry. We would trust Rob to drive any development project that came our way."

Everett Reiss

COO and Co-founder at JaneHires.com

"As my partner and I were starting HireZoom.com, Inc. based on a shared vision about transforming the way businesses hire people, I got to know Rob and realized that he was the software architect we needed to turn our vision into a reality. Rob designed, developed, and shipped our web application on time and on budget. Additionally, we had a developer on staff work under Rob; and Rob significantly raised that developer's capabilities, so that he is able to not only maintain HireZoom, but develop new feature sets on his own. While our contract is over with Rob, our relationship with him is not because he deeply cares about our success and has been very generous with his time. If you are looking for a software architect to build a rock solid application for you, solve seemingly insurmountable technical problems, and/or raise your organization's technical game, talk to Rob."

PPTP.net is a conduit for transparency that allows patients and prescribers to focus on medical case management. With enhanced transparency, we all may avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse, misuse, and drug diversion.

The PPTP.net system started with an idea and a solution to a persistent problem in today's society. The goal was to securely connect the relationship between a patient, their physicians, and their pahrmacist. The technical challenges with creating such a system also presented new and unique problems to be solved. Security and privacy were designed into the system from the very start, as well as the ability to provide access from any pharmacy terminal across all 50 states.

Tom Kelly

CEO of PPTP.net

"It is not every day that one gets to work with a maestro of their trade, and Robert exemplifies the best of the best. I have just enough technical dreams to be dangerous, so when I tasked Rob to our first project I originally had no concept of the complexity of the job I placed in front of him. Rob provided a masterfully crafted, intricately documented product, with more professional polish then an ultra-simonized car at a Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. Within the project itself Rob bent many divergent technologies and platforms to meet our needs, which was truly remarkable as I am a very big dreamer. Time and time again I would provide a technical concept and Rob's token response would be "I can do that", and more often then not, Rob exceeded my expectations. Our progress assessment meetings were bare knuckled and always quite dynamic. As hard I drove the team, Rob consistently held himself to higher standards than any of the team could impose on him as he is his own worst critic. Do not hesitate to contract Rob IF he is available."

Coming soon for iPhone, Android, Apple TV, and Windows Phone!

Traffic Safety Store is the nation's largest specialty supplier of traffic cones, parking blocks, speed bumps, and other federal and state approved traffic safety supplies.

Faced with an aging technology infrastructure no longer able to adapt to the growth of the business, Traffic Safety Store chose to engage on a series of projects to strategically upgrade both their customer facing websites and also their various backoffice systems. By upgrading their eCommerce platform they are now able to instantly adapt, increase product offerings, and provide a better overall experience to customers. The backoffice systems also have received a number of strategic upgrades, including efficiencies with their shipping and logistics, and also added features around their ERP platform to streamline their internal work processes.

W.W. Grainger, Inc., with 2014 sales of $10 billion, is North America's leading broad line supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products, with operations also in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Faced with the need to deliver a robust mobile web site on a tight timeline as promised to shareholders, Grainger needed an experienced team to come in and do the heavy lifting of creating a quality website quickly. By quickly learning and leveraging the unique GP Shopper (beta) platform, we were able to provide a polished and high quality mobile website which included useful features from the existing desktop website.

Zachary Perry

Software Development Manager, e-Commerce - Grainger

"I had the opportunity to work with Rob on a Mobile development project @ Grainger. Rob was an excellent team member and produced some outstanding results. He has a complete understanding of mobile practices and technologies and used them both to provide some really cool stuff. As the scrum master on the project it was very assuring to have Rob work on technically complex solutions because he delivered time and time again."

The adidas Group is one of the global leaders within the sporting goods industry, offering a broad range of products around the core brands: adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade and Reebok-CCM Hockey. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Group has more than 53,000 employees and generated sales of EUR 14.5 billion in 2014.

The Adidas mobile web site was a win for management and stayed online as we delivered it for several years to come. After "parachuting in" to this failed project and finding the offshore development team AWOL, a fully functional mobile website was delivered that served the eCommerce needs and provided useful features to both iPhone and Android users.

Credit Suisse AG is one of the world's leading financial services providers and is part of the Credit Suisse group of companies (referred to here as 'Credit Suisse'). As an integrated bank, Credit Suisse offers clients its combined expertise in the areas of private banking, investment banking and asset management.